How to use SDL_TTF package?

I am trying to make a SDL2-related C++ program, and I wanted to make a menu using SDL_TTF, but I can’t figure out where the include for it is. I have SDL2/SDL.h, but SDL_TTF is nowhere to be found. I am using Manjaro’s official repository sdl_ttf package, version 2.0.11-6.
OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
Kernel: 6.5.13-7-MANJARO
DE: Plasma 5.27.10
CPU: 12th Gen Intel i7-12700K (20) @ 4.900GHz
GPU: AMD ATI Radeon RX 7900 XT/7900 XTX

It’s there:


Why it’s not being found is anyone’s guess. What’s the output?

#include <SDL2/SDL_ttf.h>

This is what works for me. Same package you are using.

For your information - Linux 6.5 has been removed from repo.

Please consider using Linux 6.6 instead.

Gotcha, I’ll have to do that

I didn’t realize there was a sdl_ttf AND a sld2_ttf. Oops.

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