How to use remmina or other easy way to perform a remote desktop access?

Could someone help to use remmina, I need to access another computer that is not in my network, I try searching online but could not find anything that helps me. I would like to learn how tu use remmina or something easier like team viewer, but FOSS.

There is also DWService that is FOSS

Thanks, but that’s the kind of thing I found online, I am a n00b…that sounds like arabic to me (arabic is not my mother tongue).

If you need something that just works, you can just use AnyDesk, but it isn’t FOSS. Else, you’re going to have to read things and set them up yourself.

I tried that, but when I put the remote machine IP address I get an error, the other machine runs ubuntu and it has “share” under gnome settings enabled, with a passowrd, but I am doing soething wrong on remmina settings before connecting.

This summer I started using DWService and it works well. In the past I’ve used TeamViewer and a few others that aren’t around any longer. The remote computer has to have the software installed and listening. Your client accesses it via the DWService website. You have to have an account setup ahead of time.

Any remote access requires the target network and system to be configured for remote access. This includes firewalling, portforwarding and the necessary security measures.

The most simple way is to setup SSH keybased authentication and connect to the share using portmapping. Never share files over the internet without a properly secured tunnel.

Remmina is very often used on conjunction with FreeRDP as a Windows terminal service client but it works with SSH as well.

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