How to use mouse wheel on XFCE panel to maximize/minimize current app window?

Can I adjust mouse wheel to maximize/minimize current app window when mouse pointer is on XFCE panel?

The only thing I can do with current app window is to close it with middle mouse button (wheel).

Right click does not work?



  1. Right-click the panel and select Panel > Panel Preferences
    NOTE: Also available via XFCE Settings > Panel

  2. Make sure you are on the panel you want to change via top drop-down (i.e., Panel 0, Panel 1)

  3. Click the Items Tab

  4. Click Window Buttons
    NOTE: Assuming this is the Item on the menu managing the Windows.

  5. Click Edit. It is the stacked lines icon at the bottom. Sometimes called the hamburger. If you hover over the button it should say “Edit the currently selected item”.

  6. In the section titled Behaviour, there is something about, “Middle click action”. I have not tried this but it sure sounds like it might be what you are looking for.

Here’s an image of the “Window Buttons” Dialogt: xfce:xfce4-panel:tasklist [Xfce Docs]. If you click the Help button it will also take you to this page.

If you are scrolling verses clicking, try both directions.

If it works, please mark the solving post. Let us know how it works for you.

A possible alternative: left click minimizes/maximizes the window.