How to use mouse middle button (auto scroll)?

In windows there is a feature auto scroll (it is activated when we click mouse middle button and it
will show two arrows up and down and shroll the page without actually scrolling the wheel -scroll
Is it available in manjaro??

Thank you.

AFAIK there is no such feature globally. Only a handful of applications have it, most notably it can be enabled in web browsers.

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You can set this auto scroll function in Firefox with:

Accept risk and continue
type ‘general.autoscroll’ into the Search box
double click to change False to True

In page press the centre (Scroll) mouse button, move your mouse point above or below the double arrow icon to scroll the page

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This works fine for Chrome/Chromium-based on Linux: AutoScroll

Yes, there is an experimental feature you can enable with a command-line parameter for “native” middle-mouse autoscrolling, but I find it inferior to the extension. Not only does the extension have a more sane default speed (easier to control, not too fast), it’s also customizable.

Why messing with internal browser config where you can mess all up there, instead of ticking the box made specifically for that at the bottom of the Settings → General page in Firefox?

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