How to use Manjaro ARM Flasher?


What is the solution to solve this issue ?

etcher doesn’t start any more on the x86 device, I searched some solution without success.

I don’t use Etcher. I use my Manjaro ARM Flasher tool. You can build the package using this PKGBUILD:

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Ok, but Manjaro ARM Flasher tool only work on arm devices ?

how to build it on x86 devices ?

No, I use it on my Ryzen desktop all the time.

Run makepkg -si

Nice, but I don’t know how to proceed, I’m not a power user, git is not familiar for me.

It has nothing to do with git.

Create a new text file called PKGBUILD.
Paste the contents of the file I linked into it and save it.
Run makepkg -si in the folder with the PKGBUILD file.

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It work’s, I save the tricks.

Should I flash on emmc an image with the 6.0 kernel or not ?

Not until you have an image with kernel 6.0.0-2.

Ok, I flash an image with the 5 kernel.

can I flash an image I built with the manjaro arm flasher ?

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Yes. Click the Browse button and select it. Then select target drive and press Start.

ok, I restart the manjaro arm flasher, I found the right target device

the manjaro arm flasher closed itself in the end of the flash ?

lsblk -f

├─sdb1 vfat FAT16 BOOT_MNJRO 19CA-AA97
└─sdb2 ext4 1.0 ROOT_MNJRO 7be438d4-5202-4b53-b0b7-9bc1ae906ded

The image I built for the m1 in the end of july is running :slight_smile:

Yes, it closes itself as it’s job is done.

The odroid m1 is now running with lxqt, thanks a lot for your help.

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