How to use Hyprland with Manjaro using Gnome with nvidia support?

Hello everyone, I’m new to Manjaro, I understand it a little but not enough to install this Hyprland, I just know that I was FASCINATED with this look and I want it on my computer, and even though I’m a noob I would like what you recommend me to do to make it work in manjaro, I currently use Manjaro with gnome, and I have an nvidia gpu, do you think it’s stupid for me to try or do you have any tips?

Above is an image, exactly how I want, and theres the link Aurora Hyprland

Here’s the Hyprland theme from the Manjaro extra repository. I suppose if you install that; you might learn how to customise it.

Otherwise, the link you posted seems to have all you need to install and configure that version. However, it does seem to require quite a few packages as dependencies; you might want to verify the sources before considering installing them.

That’s all I have. Cheers.

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Hi @johnnywilly16 ,
I am not sure that Hyprland could be your choice at this time, because you could crash your system.

Anyway, you could see a video and figure it out on how to install what you want. It is your risk and your choice. Ihave installed leftwm on Manjaro XFCE and chadwn on Manjaro KDE Plasma. Please, be carefull. Good luck.

Hope it help,

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Thank you a lot

Thank you :smile:

GNOME is a Desktop Environment and Hyprland is a Window Manager. While the theme you linked makes Hyprland look a little like GNOME, they are not related.


Sorry, no such thing. That’s just the hyprland package inherited from Arch.

:question: :thinking:

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yes no it’s a good option I’ve already given up on the idea as much as it is beautiful I prefer to use something stable and that I’m better familiar with and that I have experience with.,

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