How to use CoreCtrl?

I’ve installed CoreCtrl and am facing some difficulties in setting it up correctly. The procedure to add new profiles is apparently simple, but when it comes to select the ‘executable’ I feel a bit lost.
For example, I tried to locate “Blender” using the command ‘whereis’, which reported back three different locations

Blockquote /usr/bin/blender /usr/share/blender /usr/share/man/man1/blender.1.gz

but none of these were able to satisfy the criteria of CoreCtrl, which didn’t recognize any “executable”, let alone the software icon (which, apparently, has to be manually selected?)

any input is warmly welcome :slight_smile:

I’m not using CoreCtrl, but I guess this is the executable to use for Blender.

What happens if you insert only blender (and not /usr/bin/blender, which has the path to the executable) in the field of the profile window?
Does it work?

typing in just “blender” does nothing (I guess it’s mandatory to give an exact location) but even selecting any of the files that show up in the window does nothing xD

Not according to this:

Quite the opposite, the field in the profile window is for the executable name.

I just installed the program and chose a random executable file from the /usr/bin/ directory, selected a random icon and it worked, meaning that the profile was created successfully.

Not sure why it’s not working on your side, maybe someone who actually uses CoreCtrl will provide some better answer.

I just tried with a random software from /usr/bin and it didn’t work either, but I also tried with a windows executable (from the Proton library) and it doesn’t work as well.
Thinking it might have something to do with access credentials, I launched CoreCtrl from terminal, and no meaningful differences were noticeable.

The project looks promising, but I guess some tweaks will be required before it “just works”