How to use AUR as root in Andronix?

I installed Manjaro on my Android phone using Termux and Andronix. When I start Manjaro, it starts in a root environment. However, AUR managers like yay, pamac, do not work in a root environment (they also do not work with sudo). As a result I cannot install any AUR package. Is there any workaround?

I preferably want to use an AUR manager that works in root environment rather than setting up Manjaro in Termux in a non-root environment.

I know there is a risk involved in running makepkg as root, but I want to take that risk (anyway Termux cannot touch Android’s filesystem, and I will be only using AUR packages that I trust).

Have no idea if that works, but why don’t you create a user instead of root?

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I don’t know if additional users can be created. Andronix seems to download a rootfs of Manjaro, and unpacks it in runtime.

That’s why I am looking for an AUR helper that works as root.

AUR helpers do not work in root. There is no workaround.

Not even makepkg does - you will need to create an admin user to be able to build packages.


This is more an issue with Andronix than Manjaro. Check the Help section in the app.

I found that Andronix supports creating users. There are still some issues accessing sudo from newly created users (sudo group does not found). I feel I should create a separate post for that.

(I will soon document the details here)

No. You should contact Andronix support for that. They use a custom Manjaro ARM version, it’s not supported here.