How to use alternative keyboard layouts?

I would like to try some alternative keyboard layouts (dvorak, neo2, Colemak DH etc.). I’m pretty sure this kind of thing is well supported on Linux, but I’m too blind to find it. The Gnome Keyboard options only allow switching between different language layouts. But Things like Colemak are not available.

What am I missing here? How can I install and switch between different layouts?

I’ve never used the pure Gnome, so IDK about it. Generally they’re in the keyboard settings. For instance, in Cinnamon they’re in “Settings → Keyboard → Layouts” and when you click the Plus button, you can add more layouts, including Dvorak and everything else you mentioned.

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Layouts are mostly referring to language.
Variants is what you are looking for.

Both are part of Input Sources, but not each language layout have all the variants.
Once you click on the + sign


You do a search, once you click on the hamburger menu sign at the bottom, like this for example:




And you can scroll to see what language layout has the variant you are looking for and you want it. You click on it and that should be it.