How to upgrade coreboot firmware manually?

Hello, a new version of my firmware was released, I would like to upgrade but through fwupd it’s not working I suspect it’s because it’s not updated to latest version. I have starlabs fwupd and flashrom installed.
The latest version of starlabs fwupd on software store is 1.6.1, but the latest release is 1.7.0. Releases · StarLabsLtd/fwupd · GitHub

Can I update the fwupd manually? Then maybe updating the firmware through fwupd will be possible?!

I use gnome, and on gnome-firmware I can only see the SSD and super IO firmware but not the device firmware.

fwupd 1.7.0 is currently in Arch Community-Testing. Once it graduates to Arch Community, Manjaro will have it in the unstable branch within hours.



thanks for those info, the 2° link is something I wanting to have for a long time.

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