How to update Western Digital SSD under Linux?

Hello everybody,

I’ve got a Western digital SDD Blue (M2) SATA and I would like to update it (firmware). It seems the only way to do it is to use the Dashboard software from Western Digital. But this software is not available for Linux (only Windows). I don’t want to install Windows on my computer. So, I need to find another way. Is there a way to install the firmware without windows ? I see there is a software under Linux named: fwupd. Is it safe ? I only want to update my SSD firmware and not the whole computer. One last thing, I’m using the Manjaro Gnome desktop. So, if I can do the update through a graphical front end, it will be great.

Thanks for your help.

Find a win machine and do it there.

There are a lot of firmware pkgs available but (unless you know exactly what you’re doing, in which case you probably wouldn’t have asked…) I wouldn’t risk it; experimenting with firmware updates, no matter what device, is not a good idea.

I see that we can create a bootable usb key with Windows (Windows To Go). As I said, I don’t want to install Windows on the SSD (it will be used for Linux only). If I must use Dashboard from WD for Windows, there is two solutions: a bootable Windows on an usb key or use Wine. Or create a bootable usb key with the help of Dashboard to update the firmware ?

That sounds about right. You may have to connect the drive to the win machine for wd dashboard to ‘see’ the drive, recognise it and pick the correct firmware to write to the stick, so better have some external usb enclosure ready.

No. .You might check this site out.I used it to upgrade the firmware and bios on my motherboard.

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Thanks. I will try it. I don’t know if I can install Western Digital Dashboard through it but I will test.


Could this also be used to configure e.g. a mouse whose software can only be installed under Windows?

No, it could not be used for this.

It depends, some mice have internal chip to save settings, macros and so on I think. But most mice don’t that’s true.

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My mouse is one of those (Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse). Coincidentally, the resolution just fits for me ootb.

I found a way. I installed Windows 10 on an usb with the help of a Windows software made for it. After I booted on the usb key and I can use Windows 10 as if it it would work on the interne disk. I installed Dashboard software from WD and I can try to update the firmware.