How to update the qt version in manjaro kde?

I have Manjaro KDE Plasma and I want to update the qt version from 5.15 to 6.2

Any help would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @abdullah, and welcome!

As always, that would be an unsupported, partial upgrade.

So, it’s not really possible. That’s the nature of Manjaro. It’ll filter down to that Stable branch when it’s ready. If you want it sooner, you can always switch to the Testing or Unstable branch:

To see the progress of packages:


I don’t think that kde is ported to qt6 yet. Please confirm again.

See Schedules/Plasma 6 - KDE Community Wiki

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Plasma doesn’t use qt6 yet, and chances are that qt6 isn’t even compatible with qt5, so there would be no point.

You can however already install a number of qt6 packages ─ there’s a whole load of them in the repos and in the AUR ─ but Plasma itself won’t be using them. You’ll have to wait for Plasma 6 for that.

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qt6 is available but for developers. You have to rewrite all qt applications to use qt6 (simple compilation is not enough). Moreover plasma doesn’t have qt6 theme, you need qt6ct tool

qt6 isn’t just for developers anymore, some packages require it now, such as qbittorrent.

qt5 and qt6 are now two independent packages, and you can have installed both. In fact, some dependencies may already have pulled qt6 as it was in my case, so I have qt5 and qt6.

However, Plasma is build against qt5 so qt6 won’t do anything for you, unless you have apps that were compiled against qt6 like qbittorrent. The problem is, that Plasma 5 is not supporting Qt6 anyway, so there is no proper theming implanted so any qt6 apps will look ugly. That is why me and other users of qbittorent, had to install qbittorrent-qt5 from AUR. So at this stage of development, qt6 is not a specially interesting package for a regular user. Unless you are a developer, and you want to write and compile an app against qt6.

So at this moment, qt6 won’t give you any benefits. And even if we had the whole Plasma 5 ported to 6, it wouldn’t be so much exciting either. The best explanation could be this video from KDE developer:

Not all of us qbittorrent users are bothered by the way the qt6 version looks, I suppose over the years I’ve grown accustomed to many apps not following the desktop theme. Some of the worst offenders are Steam, some of the java based apps I use, and gtk3 based apps never fully matched up either. Oh and don’t even get me started on Firefox and Thunderbird, those have long since lost any themes that blended in nicely on KDE.