How to update terminal theme?


I had installed Manjaro 20.1 as a dual boot around start of 2021, and kept it up to date. Now, it’s 21.0.7.

Recently I upgraded Windows and the boot entry lost. While using a live USB trying to fix that, I noted that the terminal theme is improved.

However, I don’t get this in my installed system, and no update is due as well.

I’d like to use the latest theme which seemed to look much better. How can I update to this?

For your information, I am mainly a GUI user especially for OS related things. If it requires updating by terminal, I’ll greatly appreciate if detailed commands and their respective descriptions are there.


Import new default theme from /etc/skel. It can be done with this oneliner:

mv ~/.zshrc ~/.zshrc.bak && cp /etc/skel/.zshrc ~ && source ~/.zshrc

Thanks a lot!

I had a lot of aliases defined, so I ended up updating the existing file with the extra lines in this folder. This seems to be the only addition:

# Use powerline

Can you please tell where I can get more information about how this works? In case I want to customise it a bit few days later, it’'d be very helpful.

See those pages:

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