How to update Python to 3.x,

Hello, I am running Manjaro in Raspberry Pi and the install I got from Pi only has
Python 2.7, which is no longer being supported. How do I update it to whatever is now
being used? Any help is much appreciated.
Brad Hansen

You should have it installed by default. Check your python version by python --version or python3 --version

Then you have the latest python version

This is a PiOS issue - can’t help you with that.

Hey guys, Thanks for the info, I do have Python 3.9 installed. However when I did the call
“Python2 -m pip install esptool”, it ran and pulled Python2.7 package into my Home .local folder. But when I tried “Python3 -m pip install esptool” it returned “No module named Pip”
Also when I when I call it without adding a number for version, the same No module line. So
If anyone can help, please feel free to do so and thank you.
Brad Hansen