How to update AUR package -git to latest?



my update command is “update” which thanks to alias:
alias update='pamac upgrade -a --devel --ignore ungoogled-chromium,libreoffice-fresh*'
loated in file ~/.bashrc seems to update even AUR packages, but for the package AUR (en) - fsearch-git it does not seem to find any update (even git repo was updated). The git repo maintainer thinks i can still update it:

just install it again, to get the newest build, or if your AUR helper supports it you can do things like yay -Syu --devel while doing a normal system update, which then also includes git packages

i do not have yay, so i am wondering how i can do it using pamac? If can not, then what is the next good method to do the update of the AUR -git package, while mine mentioned pamac command does not update it?

It’s easily installed… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -S yay
pamac update --aur --devel

Did you know that pamac has a man page? :wink: :arrow_down:

man pamac

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