How to unistall git clone

i installed fake-sms from git hub now i dont know how to unsintall it

Hi @Rifat, and welcome!

Uninstalling it should, theoretically be as simple as removing the containing directory. That is, if it didn’t create custom files in /etc or copied itself or other files somewhere else.

Did you simply git clone the project locally?
Or did you actually install it afterwards, through an install script bundled with the code?

From what I can see in the repository:

It seems safe to only delete the containing directory. Unless that is the wrong repository or I’m missing something.


all i did run the git clone command and nothing else

i dont know where is the directory

Do you know in which directory you ran the command?

If you just git clone the repository, simply delete the folder from where you clone the repository.

i found the directory and unistalled it thanks it was in my user directory

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