How to uninstall python built from source in Manjaro?

I installed Python3.5.0 from source some time ago. Now I want to uninstall it but I find the makefile contained in Python3.5.0 tarball doesn’t have a uninstall option.

I did some search and found a solution in Ubuntu: uninstall python built from source

But I didn’t know how to do it in Manjaro. Can somebody give a hint how to easily uninstall python built from source in Manjaro?

You can use pacman for it:

pacman -Rs $pkgname

Also, have a look into tips and tricks:

AUR packages can be listed via:

pacman -Qm

Thanks. But I don’t think the pacman command can easily solve my problem. I compiled and installed Python3.5 myself. pacman might not know what I had done.

If you didn’t changed the PREFIX nearly every file should be somewhere in /usr/local

There is no other way as manual deleting all files create by the make install command. One of the major downsides of manual installing software this way. Even with a remove option, there is no guarantee that all files have been removed.

You also could try to reinstall and hope that the make install command prints all installed files. Manual removing the installed files is a little bit easier with this list.

You could also check the installed file list of the normal python package(s) to see what you are looking for.


What @xabbu said and in the future use makepkg instead of make install and then install your own package or even upload it to the AUR so it becomes available to everyone…



I manually removed the installed files as @xabbu said and I will learn to use the tool makepkg suggested by @Fabby to make it easy for future uninstallation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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