How to uninstall haskell?

Or perhaps I should not (?)

I am running a Manjaro installation with the Mate desktop. Several times when I was notified of updates available (by Pamac) I noticed a bunch of updates related to haskell. I have learned that haskell is a programming language which I do not currently use. So, I thought I would just uninstall it to save having to install many frequent updates (and to learn more about package management on Manjaro. )

I do not find a main haskell package listed in Pamac. If I search for haskell I find a bunch of pieces and parts which I guess I could remove one by one. At the command line sudo pacman -R haskell does not find any such package nor does haskell*. I am curious…

1 - Is haskell usd by something in Manjaro - so I should not remove it?
2 - How do I remove such a collection of packages?



You cannot remove haskell - it is a part of the system - if you remove it - you break the system.

I stand corrected - the system can very well function without.


Seriously, though…why? I don’t have any (not 1) haskell package installed (admittedly, I’m on Arch)…but this is kind of telling:

pacman -Ss haskell|grep haskell|wc -l

Even 1/4 of that is a lot of what could be construed as cruft.

ETA: fixed line count

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I am probably wrong - and my system is probably different - as I have a lot of development ongoing - so :smile:

I can see on my systems - pandoc pulls heavily from haskell packages - and pandoc is used for pacman-mirrors man page generation.


None of my Manjaro or Arch Systems have any haskell or ghc packages installed.

It is certainly not essential for a Manjaro system. It can be removed, but it will also remove all packages hat require haskell.

Pick one of the haskell packages and find out which packages require it.

You can use

pacman -Qi package-name

or something like

pactree -r package-name

Maybe do it for a few to find out exactly which packages needs it. After that you can decide if you want to remove them all together or not.


I second that … if makes any difference :slight_smile:

You can list packages starting with haskell- using pacman

$ pacman -Qsq haskell-

If the list of package is acceptable you can feed the list to pacman

# pacman -R  $(pacman -Qsq haskell-)
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My sincere thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. It seems that the main thing which requires haskell is shellcheck. I think I might have installed this some time back. The Manjaro install is a virtual machine which I am just experimenting and learning on.

I think I will build a new VM and see if haskell is present.

I tried feeding $(pacman -Qsq haskell-) to pactree but that did not work. Perhaps I will work up a little script to check each haskell component and see what the tree looks like.

I did feed the list to pacman -R which showed shellcheck several times. I did not go forward with the uninstall.

I am learning all the time.

Thanks again,


It looks like I have haskell-ed myself :grinning: My newly installed Manjaro Mate had no haskell. Installing shellcheck also installed a bunch of haskell packages. Shellcheck is a bash syntax checking program which I came across somewhere and decided to test on Manjaro. I forgot, or did not notice, that it brought along haskell.

Thanks again for the informative replies.