How to uninstall Docker Desktop .pkg.tar.zst?

I installed the “Experimental for Arch” Docker Desktop. It was a .pkg.tar.zst file which I had never seen before, but I could install it by double-clicking it. But Docker Desktop does not launch, so I want to delete it I could not find it in Add/Remove software. Double clicking the .pkg.tar.zst again did nothing (expected uninstall GUI). I tried “pacman -Rns file://the path to that file”, but it just said “target not found”.

How can I delete Docker Desktop?

cat /var/log/pacman.log

the last few lines should contain what the name of the package was that you installed

with the name you can then remove it using
pacman -Rns ...

… or you could simply look at the packages name …

Looking at the site where you probably got it from
the command to install it is given (as an example - it is missing the “version” part in the file name)

sudo pacman -U ./docker-desktop-<version>-<arch>.pkg.tar.zst

They also provide uninstall instructions:

sudo pacman -R docker-desktop

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