How to uninstall completely grub to boot with refind?

Hi everyone,

I have installed and run manjaro-refind-installer. However, at startup and when refind starts, when choosing manjaro, I still get into grub. I have uninstall grub from my system and I have restarted to see if now when choosing manjaro, the OS starts without passing through grub… No luck, it ended up at grub rescue :frowning: . I have rescued the grub using a manjaro usb installer. However, when choosing manjaro on refind it still passes through grub (this makes senses). I noticed that on the refind wikis there are no instructions of what to do when having grub before installing refind. Does someone know how to completely get rid of grub so refind boots the manjaro iso directly?


I use Manjaro/rEFind on a Surface Pro 6, but I did not install rEFind with manjaro-refind-installer

Instead, I went about it with this:

And I did not have to uninstall grab. rEFind simply becomes the first boot option and grub never played a role.

Don’t choose the Manjaro GRUB entry, then. :wink:

The /boot/grub/x86_64-efi is still there, so rEFInd detects it. Instead, boot the Manjaro initramfs entry; i.e, /boot/initramfs-5.15-x86_64.img.

I don’t have the initramfs entry on refind - I only have windows, the grub entry and the vmlinuz entry - if I choose the vmlinuz one it goes to a rootfs terminal.

Yep, another thing that I would like to do is to use secure boot. And even I went through that post and followed the instructions, is not the answer I’m looking for here.