How to uninstall Anbox?


As the title says, all what I’m looking for is a guide about how to uninstall anbox

On their website, they listed arch, debian, and other distros installation guide, but for uninstalling they didn’t list arch guide and idk what ppa-purge is supposed to be on arch

Here is the link: Install Anbox — Anbox documentation

How did you install it? Did you install it from the AUR or did you install it as a Snap?

How about guide(s) for managing software on manjaro in general?

Snap… if u r gonna tell me to remove the snap as simple as it’s, the answer is no, because anbox leaves some files and data that idk how to remove that’s why i asked

this might help:

ppa’s are a debian thing. It’s how you add a private repo. I had to deal with those on Mint, but they don’t exist on Arch. Someone adding something to arch would just put it in the AUR.

If you remove the snap, the program and functionality is gone.
What might the files be that it leaves behind that worry you?

The kernal modules
Like i want to remove the Snap and the modules, i don’t want to keep them

The application
installed as a snap
leaves behind kernel modules?
(which are ideally not even loaded when not explicitly so configured)

Maybe they are referring to this:

But thats all ubuntu-specific or using patched kernels, etc.
So I kinda doubt thats what happened.

But until @NotLaG tells us what they did, it will be a bit difficult to prescribe how they should un-do it.