How to uninstall all Davinci-Resolve packages?

manjaro beginner here, how can I uninstall entirely davinci resolve with the terminal

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sudo pacman -R davinci-resolve

Do however note that the application may have left configuration data in your home directory, so you’ll have to clean that out manually.

If the application did not create its own dedicated hidden directory, then the configuration data will most certainly be found in ~/.config and ~/.local/share. Also make sure you clean out any data it may have left under ~/.cache.

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Thanks for the reply!
ok so it worked for the most part but now i have some files that i can’t delete manually and make me unable to install the repository for the software. The files are in ~/.local/share and even though i was able to delete most of the files and directories like i said some stayed

How can you not know how to uninstall something that you installed?

This seems like an universal excuse lately. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can delete any file you want.

No idea what you are talking about.

Files created in your home directory aren’t in control of a package manager - you have to deal with them.

Read the AUR page. AUR (en) - davinci-resolve
It asks you to download the package manually, and the package will install for you.
So if you installed it this way, you should be able to remove it with pamac.

Thanks for the reply!
Yes I know how to install and run Davinci Resolve but I’m trying right now to uninstall it

Why couldn’t you just

rm -rf ~/.local/share/DAVINCI-FOLDER

to remove the files? Those files are not controlled by package manager so you have to deal with them yourself.

ok i was able to find two solutions a few days ago :
1- go to the davinci resolve setup wizard and at one point it will tell you that you already have the software and you will get the option to reinstall it or uninstall it
2- follow the youtube tutorial with the title [Remove / uninstall DaVinci Resolve on Linux](and if there are somehow still some files/packages left try to remove them manually from ~/.config, ~/.local/share, and ~/.cache)