How to uninstall a DisplayDriver and install it again?

Hey guys,

I’ve recently experienced massive problems with my 3-Screen setup wich I never had before. (Screens randomly didn’t work or were not recognized correctly by the system). What I’ve found out that everyhting works just fine with the 3rd Display (old 4:3 Screen) disconnected wich led me to the conclusion that there has to be an issue with the driver. I’ve experienced this behaviour in both Windows 10 and Manjaro (Dualboot). So what I now want to try is to uninstall the current display-driver for the 3rd Display and install it again or try to install a better one to make things work again. Is that possible and if yes, how?


Please share from terminal:
inxi -Fazy
mhwd -li
and since your profile description mentions GTX 1070, please also share:
cat /etc/X11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf