How to unhide a software from start menu

I accidentally hid xtreme download manager and now i can only run it from terminal how to unhide it from start menu

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This depends on how you hid the application from the Whisker Menu. You might want to give more information on that.

In the meantime you can try right-clicking on the Whisker Menu icon (Manjaro logo) > Edit Applications > find the application that has to be visible (xtreme download manager) > disable the option Hide from menus > Save the Menu Editor and open Whisker Menu again to see if that worked.

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thanks for replying, i hid it by right clicking it from whisker menu, i can’t find it after right clicking and by clicking on the whisker menu icon as it’s hiden, should i try making a launcher? how can i do that

Navigate to the directory ~/.local/share/applications/ and search for a .desktop file referring to Xtreme Download Manager.
The content of this file must be similar to this:

[Desktop Entry]

Delete this file and reopen Whisker Menu to see if the application is there.

You might need to logout/login for the changes to have effect.

Thanks, I found the file and set the Hidden=false

this helped and now the software is accessible from whisker menu

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