How to turn on Nvidia for specific programs in "envycontrol" in hybrid mode?

I have encountered some compatibility issues with one program (r2modman) which does not run with Nvidia GPU.
I have decided to switch envycontrol mode from nvidia to hybrid and I dont know how to use it properly. How do I tell which program or game to run on Nvidia GPU? It is all currently running on Intel in hybrid mode.

Hi @Jakus,

See if this helps you:


That just comes from some Googling, I know nothing more and have to be off.

No problem. I will take a look.

you dont do anything with envycontrol… hybrid mode is the default one … if you want to use specific programs in hybrid mode on nvidia, run them with prime-run you can append it directly to the specific program to make it persistent so that you dont have to use it everytime… search here on the forum for more info regarding prime-run

Just an FYI…

I dont know what I did, but r2modman works in Nvidia mode. Probably because I installed Optimus GPU Switcher.

Btw, I just found out about NVIDIA Prime Render Offload. Its an option you can setup if you run the game through Lutris, for anyone who wants to try using Nvidia in hybrid mode:

Thats just lutris. Which, yes, has some toggles.
In general though you are looking for prime-run

glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'
prime-run glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'

See … any other related thread … or the wiki:

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