How to turn off the screen via ssh?

Good morning,

I use my pinebook pro as a server.

how to turn off the screen via ssh for power saving?

I would like to be able to turn off the screen via ssh, log out, and have the screen stay off.

I would also like the screen to come back on on restart, in case it is necessary to access the server locally, without ssh (for example network problem).

It seems that vbetool does not exist on the ARM platform.

Hi @regivanx,

I have been researching something similar for a very similar reason. Here are my findings:

You can create a systemd timer to run the command 5 or whatever minutes after startup.

Also see


I installed light.

# pacman -S light
# light -S 0 # turn off backlight to 0%
# light -S 100 # turn on backlight to 100%
# light -S 50 # turn on backlight to 50%

Attention, the solution is persistent on restart.


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