How to turn off shadows in i3status?

Hello everyone this my first post in this community <3!
So far I’ve been enjoying the manjaro i3 flavor but had one question in my mind, How do i remove shadows under the i3status bar? (Screenshot attached)

I searched few places and found that it has something to do with compton? I tried making a config with a single line

shadows = false;

but that didn’t worked. Thanks for your help!

Edit 1: can’t attach screenshots or add links

Edit 2: imgur[dot]com/eUMNXD6

You can add the ‘-C’ argument to your picom execution command in ~/.i3/config.

exec --no-startup-id nitrogen --restore; sleep 1; picom -C -b

@mangiaro Thanks! Worked like charm!

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According to the man page of picom (man picom) the -C or --no-dock-shadow option is deprecated and the suggestion is to use the wintypes option instead.

In your ~/.config/picom.conf file you can add this

wintypes : 
  dock :
	shadow = false;

in order to disable shadows in all windows with window type “dock”.

Another option would be to create a new rule in the shadow-exclude option of picom in your ~/.config/picom.conf file, in order to disable shadows for the i3bar only:

shadow-exclude = [
    "class_g ?= 'i3bar'",


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