How to turn FireFox Adblock?

Firefox crash on me and even after rebooting computer I had to remove the Add-ons and Extensions to to launch the Browser. So I had to setup everything the way I had it.

And I want to watch and the Firefox Adblock is preventing me from watching. How do I disable this “feature”?

Mozilla needs to provide an easy way to disable this. Don’t recal I got around this last time.


Some websites detect ad blockers and won’t run. You will usually see a message to that effect. I don’t run ad blockers and see only one ad that isn’t intrusive, so maybe you can white list that site. Mind you, I didn’t try and stream any shows.

I feel really dumb right now. I custom some settings in Privacy&Security and all I had to do was was unblock Tracking Content… :man_facepalming:

Geez sometimes I’m worst enemy.

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