How to turn back on swap?


About 6 months ago I turned off swap on my system because it was degrading performance in a game I play. But since the last time I updated Manjaro my system has been freezing up a lot and I think it has to do with me having turned off swap. My problem is that I have no idea what I did to turn it off. I see that swap is not being used in htop after trying:

  • Removed file in /etc/sysctl.d/ that I created that had vm.swappiness = 0
  • Tried swapon -a
  • Checked to make sure I didn’t comment out swap partition in fstab. It is still there.
  • Rebooted

Is there anything else that I may have done to turn off swap?

Just putting this here.

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Fixed my issue. Can delete this thread.

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Life is a Two-Way Street :wink:

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