How to theme gtk4 apps in Manjaro XFCE?

How to theme gtk4 apps in Manjaro XFCE?

I have installed the Arc theme, which supports gtk4, and selected it in the XFCE appearance settings. However, when I run a gtk4 app like quick-lookup or mousai, they continue to have the Adwaita theme.

Libadwaita applications like the ones you listed do not use the system Gtk theme. With GNOME 42, they will match the system theme.

In the meantime, you can override the theme with:

GTK_THEME=Arc-Dark mousai

Does that mean, once GNOME 42 and its libraries are released and go into the Manjaro repositories, libadwaita apps will pick up the system theme even in XFCE?

No, it will be a GNOME setting. Not sure how that will work out in other Gtk environments like Xfce.

To launch apps via GUI, one can create a script like the following, and save it in ~/.local/bin/mousai, so that each time the app is launched, it will follow the choosen GTK theme.

export GTK_THEME=Arc
exec /usr/bin/mousai


Either setting the environment variable itself (user or system-wide), or using an alias would both be preferred over creating a separate script to launch instead. It works, sure … I just dont see any advantage unless you want to keep it separate from the regular launcher - in which case copying and modiying the .desktop file would still probably be preferable.

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I am using another GTK theme which does not support gtk4 yet. Therefore, I want to use Arc only with the very few GTK4 apps I am using.

I tried that.
If I modify the desktop file as Exec = GTK_THEME=Arc mousai, then it does not launch.

I’m not at my PC right now, however if I remember correctly one must do something like this:

Exec=env GTK_THEME=Arc-Dark mousai
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