How to switch workspaces on manjaro kde

How do you switch workspaces on manjaro kde, anyone know the shortcut?

Right click on desktop and choose Configure Desktop in the context menu.

Or: System SettingsWorkspace

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hmm couldn’t find anything for the shortcuts

In System settings > Shortcuts > Global shortcuts > Kwin you can configure your own shortcuts to switch workspaces in an easy way.

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Do you want switching virtual desktops or activities? Settings for both are in System settings → Desktop behavior.

For switching virtual desktops you have ctrl+F1-F6 for desktop 1-6 by default.

For switching activities you have win+tab by default.

You can configure all shortcuts in System settings → Shortcuts.


do know how to fix the activity manager getting stuck? when pressing win+tab

Right click on desktop and Activities. It worked for me.

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