How to switch user if the lock-screen?

i have a system (Manjaro KDE, latest update Sep 28 2020) with multiple users. It is configured to screen-lock after some time of inactivity.


  1. Now, when user A leaves the computer, the screen get locked, as it should, after a while.
  2. User B goes to the computer to do some work, but alas! They can’t log in, because there’s no such an option in the lock-screen!


  1. Am i missing something that is hidden somewhere in the screen?
  2. i have a vague recollection that it wasn’t always like that. That such an option existed in the past. Maybe not in Manjaro (i used several distributions and window managers).
  3. Am i the only one thinking it is a serious flaw?
  4. Is there any reasonable way to overcome this problem?


So you want to be able to switch user on the lock screen, but the option does not exist?

Seems to be a bug/regression, see

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I got the option back on my PBP yesterday, when updating to systemd 246.6-1.1. But the PKGBUILD does not seem to include anything related to it.

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What’s PBP?

PineBook Pro. That would be the ARM edition then.
On x86_64 and unstable I don’t see that option on my lock screen.

Still no solution …?