How to switch to original Xfce Design?


I dont like the Manjaro-Xfce-Look. Is it possible to switch back to original XFCE-Design how it seen on the official xfce Homepage?

An easy way using Pamac is to search for anything with the word Manjaro in it. Then remove anything from that list that involves themes, wallpapers, stuff like that. After that you will have to find and enable the XFCE wallpaper. The other thing is using the original menu rather than whisker-menu, however I would advise against this as whisker-menu is far superior in many ways and I’ve never heard of anyone using the old menu. Whisker-menu is an XFCE thing anyway, not a Manjaro add-on.

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You can reset to Xfce defaults by deleting or renaming ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/ .


Thank you maycne.sonahoz, it worked!

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