How to switch to AMDGPU-PRO drivers installed via AUR?

Hello! I need help switching to the AMDGPU-PRO drivers that are installed via AUR. I installed all the necessary packages, but dont know how to make linux use the proprietary drivers instead of the open source ones. I tried uninstalling the amdgpu driver by removing the “mesa” package, but it wouldnt let me because it is used by a bunch of apps on gnome. I also tried looking at the “configure graphics card” page on manjaro documentation, and it seems that no drivers are installed for my gpu.

Any help is great, thanks in advance.

Prefer mhwd or manjaro-settings-manager for managing your GPU driver.

Thats what I was looking at but mwhd and manjaro-settings-manager both only show the open source drivers. The only place to get the proprietary drivers is from the AUR. I just dont know how to switch to it

Why? FYI, they are neither supported by Arch nor Manjaro.

Tip: Most users do not need these proprietary drivers.


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Blender doesnt detect my GPU, and ive looked online and I think that is the solution to my problem.

Also Apparently I need amd driver 22.10 for blender, but the open source ones that manjaro provide are really old

Why isn’t that your topic title? That’s actually what you need help with. Have you searched the forum?

That is the proprietary AMD driver version and has absolutely nothing to do with the Manjaro profile date for the open source AMD driver.

Yeah, I dont see any topics for that. I didnt think that would be the problem, since I thought I found a solution.

I do. You really think you’re the first person to want to use Blender with an AMD GPU?

Classic XY Problem.

Do you mind linking it please?

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The search bar is at the top of the forum. Did you even try searching for those terms? Sorry, I’m not feeling very well today. I’m just trying to point you in the right direction. Please do not expect others to do your homework (so to speak) for you.

All good, I found it, had to dig down a few forum posts though.