How to switch Primary GPU to Nvidia

Hello everyone,

I have a problem when playing a game with Nvidia since they’re using Intel as a Primary GPU. I’m searching around in DuckDuckGo and I found that the Prime Profile in the Nvidia X Server Settings are missing, I don’t know how to switch the Primary GPU to Nvidia. Sorry I’m new to Linux :slight_smile:

Hope you all have a good day thanks.

If you start the game with prime-run <program>, it will run on the NVIDIA GPU. If you start the game from a launcher (steam, lutris, etc.), you can find a something like “launch options”, where you can add this prime-run part so that the game runs on the NVIDIA GPU.


Oh, yeah it works thank you very much. But I’m concerned why I don’t have the options in the settings.

This is mine

That’s then consequence of how the display server is configured. The NVIDIA GPU is used for render offload and possibly display offload if external monitors are connected. So you cannot configure as many things in nvidia-settings as not the NVIDIA GPU is “in charge”.

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