How to switch from open source to AMDGPU-PRO drivers?

Frist I would like to point out that I already search for this issue and even thought the question was asked before no one gave a solution or at least not the solution that I need meaning to switch to the pro drivers !

Second, I want to use them as I want raytracing and I have bad frame trimes with the open source ones so I want to test if it’s the drivers or if my new gpu is faulty.

Did not have this issue with the old gpu but that one was a Nvidia gpu and I did a fresh Manjaro instal once I switch gpu’s !

So here is the deal, I tried to install the drivers as shown her AMDGPU PRO - ArchWiki

As you can see in the picture they are all installed.

If I use “glxinfo | grep “OpenGL vendor string” | cut -f2 -d”:" | xargs" as stated in the documentation it only shows AMD so it’s still using open source ones.

I search on google and even tried to get help from the ChatGPT AI but I did not find a solution.

I don’t know if this will help

Seems like it ‘might’

Is there any actual answer to this? I am looking for a week now to find a way to use the proprietary amdgpu drivers, as i am using it for gaming too, and can’t find any answer to work. amd packs the drivers only for deb and rpm distros, and a package that was in aur, is not available anymore.

Although after installing the proprietary mesa from a custom repo i am ok with gaming performance, i have problems making vulkan work with lutris/wine

I think this wiki page has the info you need.