How to swap to g++ from c++ compiler?

Hello there,
Im somehow struggeling to swap to the g++ compiler. How do i do this?

(base) [eisbergsalat@eisbergsalat-pc ~]$ which c++
(base) [eisbergsalat@eisbergsalat-pc ~]$ which g++
(base) [eisbergsalat@eisbergsalat-pc ~]$ which gcc

Do you have a specific C++ compiler, in addition to the GNU one (g++)?
On my system, g++ and c++ are the same file (same inode number):

ls -il /usr/bin/{g++,c++}
4421642 -rwxr-xr-x 4 root root 1215360 4 févr. 14:37 /usr/bin/c++
4421642 -rwxr-xr-x 4 root root 1215360 4 févr. 14:37 /usr/bin/g++

same for me. So is my g++ the c++ or c++ the g++?

i get the following warning in python/pytorch that why i wann ahave a g++

Your compiler (c++) is not compatible with the compiler Pytorch was
built with for this platform, which is g++ on linux. Please
use g++ to to compile your extension. Alternatively, you may
compile PyTorch from source using c++, and then you can also use
c++ to compile your extension.

I think your c++ is g++. To check:
c++ --version

If it’s only a warning, you may go further. See: