How to swap home partition to a different /home on disk?

So, I’ve heard extensively that we should partition the / and /home partitions separately during install, and I have done so. I’m now starting to move partitions around and I plan to reinstall Manjaro for ease of moving systems. However, its come to mind that, do I really need to make a whole new /home partition? Is there any way that I can simply install / partition and point the home to a previously used /home partition?

Note: I do have my content backed up and saved, and I don’t mind another full reset, but it’d be nice I could just… never had to delete my /home partition. idk if /home contains my KDE settings but if it does, this info would be great

Yes. During the installer steps, just select the existing home partition, instruct it to mount the selected partition under /home, and make sure to NOT select the “format” option.

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Wow, it really is as easy as that huh. Ty for the info!

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