How to sucefully install anaconda from the sh file localy?

On other linux based system, i used to simply run the sh file to install conda on /home/user/ and immediately after the command anaconda or conda would be recognized on the terminal and it would be ready to use. On Manjaro, however, the comand isn’t recognized even after a successful instalation. It’s like if it wasn’t installed at all. But the folder /home/user/Anaconda is there.
I wish i didn’t have to install it trough package builder as AUR ou pamac, as i did it in the past and had many issues with it. So, there is it possible to install it this way ?

I tried adding the following path to /etc/profile file, and, after rebooting, it worked.

# added by Anaconda3 installer
 export PATH="/home/user/anaconda3/bin:$PATH"

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