How to stop pamac from trying to install a package?

Tried to install a duplicate file finder, failed.

"could not satisfy dependencies:

  • unable to satisfy dependency ‘pygtk’ required by fslint-gui"

OK, pygtk seems to be some python 2 dinosaur, and i can go ahead and find some other duplicate file finder, but how do I stop pamac from trying to install pygtk when I attempt to install other software?

Remove fslint-gui. You probably don’t need this and cannot use without this dependency.

sudo pacman -R fslint-gui
[sudo] password for …
error: target not found: fslint-gui

is it not installed?

Since is an AUR package is not “visible” to pacman. You need to use:
pamac unistall fslint-gui

This is only true to some extent. Pacman can actually see and remove a AUR package without any problem unless the package is installed manually that is with makepkg or something.

I suspect the same. What is the output of pacman -Qs fslint-gui?

there is no output

I don’t think the package even installed in the first place. It clearly “failed”.

From AUR (en) - pygtk

python2-cairo (a listed dep) is no longer in AUR. That leaves it so pygtk can’t be built.

i tried hte uninstall command, but a help list, indicating that there is only a remove command.

pamac remove fslint-gui  :heavy_check_mark:
Error: target not found: fslint-gui

You can install czkawka-gui-bin from the AUR as a replacement for fslint-gui. See:

will a fslint replacement let me get past the pygtk issue?

Yes. That’s why I recommended it. From AUR (en) - pygtk

An identical replacement for fslint-gui is czkawka-gui-bin AUR (en) - czkawka-gui-bin which does not need pygtk.

worked, thx!

Not true. AUR helpers are Pacman wrappers and AUR packages are installed by Pacman.

makepkg is part of pacman. :wink:

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Cool, glad you both settled it …
I’ll be honest, since
sudo pacman -S <AUR-package>
always ends with Error: target not found for me was no point to try sudo pacman -R <AUR-package> ever.

Pacman cannot access the AUR. When one builds an AUR package either via an AUR helper or via makepkg, the package is installed with pacman -U.

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