How to stop charging at 80%?

I recently got a new laptop, and unfortunately it doesn’t have an option to stop charging at a specified limit in the BIOS. Also, due to this, even tlp cannot help in this situation.

So I wanted to ask that if there’s any other solution to this problem other than manually stopping the charging with a custom notification script, example - [root tip] [Utility Script] Charger Notifier - battery state


If the hardware does not support limiting the charge of the battery to only occur within certain limites - there is very little you can do.

The mentioned script has been created because not all hardware supports preserving the battery.

The issue is wellknown - linux battery charge notification - SearXNG -


KDE Plasma has an option in Power Managment to set charging limit. But your hardware and your kernel should both support charging limit to be able to set it via Plasma settings.

That is very much hardware dependent. There is no universal solution. In case your laptop is lenovo ideapad or V series (basically any lenovo that is not a thinkpad, since they have another driver and command to do it), you can activate conservation_mode as per arch wiki…or just use the script from AUR (or manually) - - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

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