How to stay current on Firefox's preferences and most reliable place to customize?

In general, all applications, all desktops, etc, I try to do as little customization as possible, just because overtime the benefit-time ratio is too low. But sometimes it is necessary, especially when it comes to visual items.

It is not clear to me where users should customize Firefox UI on XFCE.

I have some css in .config/gtk-3.0, some in userChrome, and some in prefs.js (about:config). It all does what it is suppose to do, but is there one more preferred location that isn’t well documented (if it is please let me know :slight_smile: )

And just when I get it working, it breaks. For example, I was using “widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size” to increase the scrollbar, but it apparently doesn’t exist anymore (about:config shows trash can) and we should be using “widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size.override”. I found the answer in the linuxmint forum and it looks like it might have occurred with FF 96. How is an end user suppose to become aware of these changes? I reviewed the release notes and couldn’t find anything. So a user has to go searching for documentation.

That’s a nice thing about google-chrome, their about:flags provides inline documentation. FF has some web pages documenting preferences, but they are incomplete and aging. I often end up reading the code to find out what has changed.

What steps should a user take to customize FF on XFCE and stay current on FF changes, specifically about:config preferences?


Sometimes you can find out some things in Mozillazine forums. I run Nightly and here is an example of nightly info there:

Nightly… :bowing_man: :bowing_woman: :man_bowing:

I thought mozillazine was shutting down. It was (is?) a good resource.

I did a site search for both parameters above and neither was found. Boy mozilla sure doesn’t make this easy. Strangely most of my Internet searches are ending up at Linux Mint. I’ll do a little more searching at mozillazine.

There doesn’t seem to be any unformal or formal user documentation for parameters, so I think I’ll have to start comparing source code if I want to know when a parameter changes. Oh well…

I did notice that there was a trash can next to a parameter and I assumed it meant it doesn’t exist anymore. I confirmed a couple of them at searchfox·org. I stopped counting at 25 and there were still a lot more with a Trash can to their right. This install isn’t more than 6 months old, with a clean profile.

As far as parameters, additions and deletions, I think I’m going to look at dumping about:config and doing a comparison after every update.

As far as where to customize FF on XFCE, I think I’m going to try and move everything to chrome within FF (requires toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheet). I guess it comes down to betting on XFCE, GNOME/GTK or Firefox and who will be the most user-friendly and allow users to customize.

Thank you.