How to shutdown internal SATA SSD?

I have a SSD Powered On, that i don’t use in Linux anyways, because this SSD is for Windows10/Windows Games only and its actually just power waste.

I want to shutdown my unused Internal drive: /dev/sda

Is there a easy command for this?

I know for a External USB Drive i would normaly use:
udisksctl power-off -b /dev/sda

But thats not gonna work for a Internal Drive :frowning:

Instead of shutting it down why not place an entry in /etc/fstab; or use gnome-disk-utility; to prevent it from mounting automatically. You can always mount and unmount it manually, if ever needed from Manjaro.

If not mounted, wear and tear on an SSD is virtually non-existent.

I also use this premise to prevent Windows from offering to format an empty – but not really empty, Linux partition.

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I think this is only possible via (not recommended) hardware methods:

Its not mounted in fstab… it never was.

Thats no solution for me :frowning:

It’s not mounting at all?

That being the case, all I can suggest is to buy yourself a removable caddy (not USB) and keep the disk in that; push the button to eject it any time you want.

Something like this, for example.

I would say no:
System-reserviert/games/win10 all grey.

gnome-disk-utility (Disks) also allows you to hide disks / partitions from your File Manager, if that is all you need to happen.

Its hidden in dolphin already, but thanks for trying to help me. :slight_smile:

Just sad, i can’t shutdown this Drive with a simple command :frowning:

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Would not this work?

sudo hdparm -Y /dev/sda

Or … maybe better … to use UUID… after finding with blkid

sudo hdparm -Y /dev/disk/by-uuid/THE-UUID-OF-THE-DEVICE

complementary wiki link:

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sudo hdparm -y /dev/sda

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Case often matters.

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Nah no changes…

 issuing sleep command

They still shown in dolphin. :man_shrugging: