How to shrink/move '/' and '/home' partition

In my 4tb HDD, I have a windows storage partition, and now a Manjaro KDE root and home partition. As I’m slowly easing out of using windows, I’ve recently shrunk my storage, but since it’s to the left of my root, I’m unable to move it into my home partition. It’d also be nice if I could shrink my root, since I may not need 200GB.
I’ve attempted KDE Partition Manager, but it does not allow me to edit anything to do with root and home.


You can’t edit partitions currently in use. So you need to boot from somewhere else, say, from bootable USB. Make sure you have recent backup of your important files, because moving partitions can cause data loss or unbootable system.


Or you can use Gparted (which is also contained on the Manjaro installation media).


That makes sense! So, if I used my manjaro installation USB, with GParted as commented by Keruskerfuerst, I should be able to move/shrink my partitions. Thank you! I’ll need to research Timeshift before I attempt anything.

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