How to show two apps side-by-side on same screen?

Hey fellow manjaro users!
I wonder if there is a way to use two apps simultaneously in fullscreen mode on the same screen (I don’t mean multiply monitors case) in KDE Plasma DE

Without explaining what you want as result, it makes no sense to do that.
Because only one of them would be shown, else they would not be in “fullscreen” mode.
It’s like asking if its possible to display 2 images on the screen at the same position…

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I mean I am looking for the way to enter full screen mode where I’ll be able to open two or even more apps next to each other. I know it’s confusing but will try to explain using screenshots

I need to have two apps next to each other but plank(bottom panel) and manjaro panel to be hidden.
I found full screen mode in settings but it doesn’t work
As I know in mac it’s possible to enter full screen mode and use apps in split view

I could be wrong but for plank you need to set the hidding to window dodge, that way it will hide as soon as a window wants to overlap it.

for the kde bar read: this and specifically the “More Settings” Menu -> visibility options


I took the liberty to change the topic’s title to more acuratly describe your intentions…

  • Wrt “manjaro panel to be hidden”:
    You can change the visibility settings as explained by @SLaItEr above this reply.
  • Wrt “have two apps next to each other”:
    You could drag the windows to the left or right screen edges, to make them snap to the left or right half of the screen.
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Heh. Use i3.


Unless the application is designed to run multiple instances you cannot.

And full screen for both instances is kind’a impossible - hence the description full screen.

But of course if you are thinking of running the app multi instance on different workspaces or virtual desktops - why not?

But most window managers makes it possible to tile your apps using hotkeys to simulate what you want.

Openbox edition has such hotkeys and compiz has some awesome shortcuts too.


I would recommend him for start to try gnome with poshell and Dash to dock extensions as committing to a W-M is a lot to take in.
There is a solution for what he is asking, but i would not recommend that because it is buggy.

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The poster was talking about two diffrent applications, not a single application :wink:

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What I understand is that he wants two apps tiling next to each other. The fullscreen part is that they take the full vertical space and overlap the bars.

That is not impossible

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Corect. It is not impossible. But it can be bugy. Problem is in his dock.

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You mean the overlay bug in plank? Was that not resolved already a few versions ago.

I am not aware of the fix. Thanks for leting me know.

That was indeed my impression of his intention also, that’s why i changed the topic title :wink:

@LJ1319, is your problem solved with the info so far, or is there anything else?

Thanks guys for your responses I really appreciate the support

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