How to show the content of a long notification in gnome?

From time to time I get notifications from various sources, but I never know how to show the full content of a notification if it’s very loooooong.

Say I constructed a long notification by executing:

❯ notify-send summary "this is a very long notification and you cannot see the full content in the top bar"

Then in the top bar displayed the long notification like this

As is shown in the picture, the full content of notification is not displayed. I tried left-clicking it, and it disappeared, right-clicking it but nothing happened.

How can I see the full content of a notification if it’s too long for the top bar popup to contain?

I were looking for the same a few months ago, and couldn’t find any other way than using the Notifications To File extension, or dbus-monitor (dbus-monitor "interface='org.freedesktop.Notifications'")

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Thanks for the extension advice Emqu, very helpful :+1:. But it would be better if there are more straight forward ways to see the content.

I might be wrong, but other than mousing over the popup notification itself as it happens (or using Panel OSD to always expand notification) I don’t think there is a easier way in Gnome at the moment.

I am afraid so. After googling around, I found out that this notification behavior was reported to be a bug in bugzilla back in 2017! And after gnome moved from bugzilla to gitlab, there were also several related issues (and they are open). Sadly there seems to be no straightforward fix to this problem, for now.