How to show size package in pacman?

In pacman -Syu outputs a list of packages just show total size update
I want show size for each package.
How to get the download size for each package?

I don’t think you can with pacman.

The only related commands that i know of, as a noob in pacman/pamac are:

  • pamac info packagename
  • pacman -Qi packagename

Which are essentially the same, but only show the installed size, not the size of the package that needs to-be DL’ed because those are compressed…

Maybe someone has/can make a script to query the mirrors for the package and interpret the HTTP response they get back

But show size pacman -Syu for each size in distro endeavoros

You have to use -Si.

Then switch to endeavoros or copy their code.

Are you sure it shows the DOWNLOAD size and not the installed size? :thinking:

AHA ! :+1:
Yes, now we get download size…super !

Maybe remove the comment on the following line in /etc/pacman.conf


From pacman.conf(5)

Displays name, version and size of target packages formatted as a table for upgrade, sync and remove operations.
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