How to show labels for items in plasma panels?

Hi there, I would like to be able to drag a shortcut from the desktop or file manager into a panel. There should then be an icon with the name of the file showing. I would like to group these launchers so that another window/panel will open and I can drag icons into that. These should all nest.

Is there anything like that in plasma? The closest I have been able to come is the folder docklet but when I put that in a panel the name doesn’t show, so if I am doing a lot of these then I need to find a distinguishing visual icon for each one and that’s what I’m trying to avoid. Come to think of it, the folder docklet would probably be fine IIF it would show the name of the item in the panel.

So I guess my real question is, how do I show a label for an item in a plasma panel? Thanks.

There is (or at any rate used to be) a Quicklaunch widget, which allows you to quickly drag & drop application icons into it.

You have to add the Quicklaunch widget via right-click on the panel → Edit Mode → Add Widgets.

Ok thanks. played with that before, and indeed when I add a quicklaunch to a panel and populate it with a url launcher it does show the name. Now what I want is to be able to put something in the quicklauncher that shows another panel with a bunch of quicklaunchers inside. For example, I want a quicklauncher in the main panel on the desktop that is labelled ,“Shows” and then when clicking on that I see all my links to shows on netflix with the show names.

At first I thought I could do a grouping plasmoid of quicklaunch widgets but couldn’t get that to work at all.

Right-click on the Folder View applet in your panel to access its configuration, and in the “Icons” section check the “Show tooltips” box:

A tooltip will then display the name of the folder when you hover your mouse over the icon on the panel.

To the best of my knowledge, nested panels are not supported in Plasma.

Perhaps you would be able to achieve such functionality by way of one of the available replacements for Plasma’s own panels, but the problem is that there won’t be many of those around yet that were written for or have already been ported to Plasma 6, given that Plasma 6 is still too fresh.

Yeah I don’t want a tooltip. I would have to roll over a bunch of icons to see what they were.

In the same Folder View configuration section you can also change the panel icon to a custom one. Having a different icon for each instance could help if you are using several Folder View widgets on the panel.

If you don’t want to do that, then :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I was hoping to avoid having to find a distinctive and meaningful icon for every folder view I put in the bar. It would be easier for me to just describe it with a word.

If I could put a folder view inside a quick launcher that would be perfect, but sadly it doesn’t work that way.

You can put it on the panel itself. :man_shrugging:

This should work by right-clicking the panel and selecting e.g. the classic taskbar-style:

…It’s worth noting that this didn’t work previously (with Plasma 5.27) for me. It does now, evidently.

Have you considered the Icons-Only Task Manager widget?

Add an application icon to the panel (containing the Icons-Only Task Manager) by starting an application, right-clicking its icon, and selecting Pin to Task Manager.

The Icons-Only Task Manager is displayed in the panel by default – the 4-5 icons you see are actually within the Icons-Only Task Manager.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Add to that the Folder View and/or Quicklaunch widgets, and you’ll have something approximating what you describe.

Remember that all of these widgets are customisable, to an extent, so it’s just a matter of tweaking them to your preference.


You cannot add those to the icons-only task manager, because those are widgets. Widgets can be added to a panel, but not to the task manager, which is itself only a widget. :wink:

That’s true. However they can be placed either side of the Icons-Only Task Manager, which was the logical takeaway from my comment, and [together] they might approximate the OP’s needs [once widgets are customised to preference], as stated.

“Add to that” wasn’t a suggestion to place the widgets on the first option suggested, but further options to add to reach the goal, or an approximation thereof.

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