How to show drive mounted in custom location on nemo sidepanel?

I wanted to see this device listed in nemo’s sidepanel, but I couldn’t do it. The default location for this drive was /run/media/user/V. I’ve moved it to /srv/nfs/V and linked to the previous location but I don’t see it in the Devices list on nemo sidepanel, so I have difficulty accessing it, since I have to click File System -> srv -> nfs -> V every time I want to open it. How to show drive mounted in custom location on nemo sidepanel?

❯ sudo mkdir -p /srv/nfs/V
❯ sudo chmod ugo+rwx /srv/nfs/V
❯ sudo umount /run/media/user/V
❯ lsblk -no UUID /dev/sdd1

❯ sudo blkid
/dev/sdd1: LABEL="V" UUID="61aea4de-aa02-4f6d-b77d-dc0b09eac2ca" BLOCK_SIZE="4096" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="823000c4-e3eb-434a-a5f9-009571ecd1c8"

❯ sudo cat /etc/systemd/system/srv-nfs-V.mount
Description=My shared partition



❯ sudo cat /etc/systemd/system/srv-nfs-V.automount
Description=Automount shared partition



❯ sudo systemctl enable --now srv-nfs-V.automount
❯ ls -l /srv/nfs/V
ls: cannot open directory '/srv/nfs/V': No such device
❯ sudo rm /etc/systemd/system/*mount
❯ sudo cat /etc/fstab
UUID=61aea4de-aa02-4f6d-b77d-dc0b09eac2ca /srv/nfs/V ext4 defaults,noatime 0 0
❯ sudo mount -a
mount: (hint) your fstab has been modified, but systemd still uses
       the old version; use 'systemctl daemon-reload' to reload.
❯ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
❯ sudo mount -a
❯ ls -l /srv/nfs/V
total 24
❯ sudo ln -s /srv/nfs/V /run/media/user/V

reverse your actions

and start over

what is it that you actually want to achieve?

OK I normally install Nemo to have easy access as root when I need it in a file manager and I typically don’t mess with it other than to access the file(s) I want. I just launched it and rightclicked Master Backup 2 in the side panel, create bookmark, then once the bookmark was created rightclicked that and renamed it test. Is that pretty much what you’re looking for?

I’m looking to change the mount point and get it detected. I don’t think renaming it is changing the mount point.

From your post above you already got the mount point changed. Is it not staying mounted?

It appears to be a removable device.
And it appears to be detected and mounted.
… under the /run/media/… directories

If you want to mount it in another way
include it in /etc/fstab
or create a systemd mount unit for it

It doesn’t show between my mounted devices on nemo.

Inbstall Gnome-Disk it’s the easiest to move mounts without having to edit files.

It’s an internal hard drive. It is mounted but nemo hasn’t detected it. Perhaps I should restart.

well - how is it mounted? :wink:

That’s in the first post. I’ve used fstab to mount it.

Install Gnome-Disk it’s the easiest to move mounts without having to edit files.

Once installed
open nemo
copy the drive address aka location
launch disk
click on the drive there
unmount if mounted
click the gear icon under the drive
select edit mount options
toggle off user session defaults
check mount at startup
paste the copied address into the box that reads mount point replacing the text already there
click ok and enter your pass word if prompted
now click the arrow to the left of the gears icon to mount the drive, enter your password if asked

... /run/media/...

… you do not mount anything inside that directory via /etc/fstab

it is prone to fail
it is a directory that is created on the fly
during system startup
it is not permanent

it is where removable media are made available

if you want it permanent, you should use a dedicated mount point
… under /mnt/xxx perhaps

But I want to change the drive address, so if I copy it I’m just going to mount it in the same place.

I’m not using it, that’s just the default mount point which I’m unmounting.

File managers usually automatically show partitions in their side pane when mounted to /media/*, /mnt/* or /run/media/*.
If you want to use another mount point and still have it show in the side pane, you need to add the x-gvfs-show mount option.


Glad you got it resolved, but next time just install Gnome-Disk and follow the above instructions to save yourself a huge headache.

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