How to Setup the Valve Steam Controller?

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Due to a Issue I been having I am unable to configure this Game Controller for some reason. I’m not sure how I lost the Settings to begin with.

Granted It is been since I wouldn’t know, but it was some after I got from Steam, maybe during one their Sales.

Geez I no Trouble doing this to begin with. I thinking possibly I just the Keyboard and mouse Template, perhaps. I’ll try that again. Then report back if it works.

Thanks for any Replys I get.

I tried again found the Setting I last used in the Personal Settings. I can’t Belief Just doing that took an hour.

I just going to my meltion(A sleep Aid).

Am i correct to assume you fixed your problem now?

No I sure dud not. I do I set up the two bottom buttons? I forgot what they are called.

I forgot to post this:

Did Valve change anything on Steam to the Setup any different?

I sort of gotten this to work. For some reason the the Pads Left and Right don’t work and the two bumper buttons don’t work either. Not that ever those before in a game.

Note my current Game Controller is the only modern one I’ve used often. Aside from some cheap one from Walmart back in ~2001 to 2003. The D-Pad came with a removable Stick that was used as a Joystick. When removed there was in the middle between the bottom and top you could it lock this. I it worked work enough and included everything else.

I don’t recall what happen to it at all. That one may have been easier to setup for this game.

I did however had a mice infestation before and threw away a bunch of crates filled with stuff. Maybe it went into the dumpster or perhaps I still have it. Well enough about that…

I did fix this Bug that showed up for some strange Reason.
Steam was showing my Steam Controller as a Xbox 360 instead.

I did fix by rebooting my Rig and made sure My Game Controller was turned on.
Doing that fixed everything and Configateion Menu was Correct the last I played a game.

I’m only mentioning this due to wanting to discover how this Occurred in the first place.
Also it may help Users with the same issue.

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